Customer Testimonial

Nikhil Kulkarni

Loved the sessions on nutrition and yoga. Very informative and engaging. It was a good eye-opener for us as parents. And a nice learning experience for our kids. Thank you for making us part of these valuable initiatives. Looking forward to many more.Special mention to the Manaache Shlok competition held by Dadar Sanskar Varga. It encouraged our children to get in touch with our roots, with the beauty and richness of our language, and with the priceless teachings of our forefathers. Was fun, yet educational.

Kirti Mahadik

Hi everyone the name itself have meaning "Sanskar Varga"..teaching staff is very friendly to children,attention to each children is highly appreciated.I prefer this program for giving knowldge about our hindu culture and traditions as we had gain in our childhood..All shlok,mantras and small prayer for children are very easy to learn and recite..

Swapna Narvekar Malhare

Dadar Sanskar Varga's summer camp was well planned and different things like rangoli, gas less recipe, shlok, color stamping with vegetables kept kids engrossed and taught them something new. Also drawing was included and Seema and Swati teacher interacted with kids well and made the summer camp interesting!

Sumi Timble

My daughter attended online summer camp of Dadar Sanskar Varg. I with my daughter enjoyed a lot. She learnt to do many activities. art, craft, planting a sampling, n all the activities conducted. Moreover she was happy to speak to the teachers and the friends at the camp. I appreciate the efforts of Teachers for organising this camp n making us a part of this fun-filled acitivity. Thank you on and all.

Niketa Mhatre

Dadar Sanskar Varga conducted Summer Camp in April 2021. My four year daughter participated in the same. Both Swati and Seema teacher took simple but educative activities in this summer camp. It included Shlok recitation , Craft , Drawing , Plantation , Story telling , Culinary art and Celebration of Hindu festivals along with explaining it's significance. Kids loved all the activities and enjoyed camp a lot . My personal favourite activities were " Making of Panchamrut and …

Naomita Dhume

The workshop held on Electronics for children in the month of May was very interesting and a great learning for kids.they learnt how to make firealarm circuits,water level detector,light and sound detector etc.they were given a tool kit and many projects which additionally added to the enjoyment.there were one to one interactive sessions for doubt clearing.I strongly recommend this workshop for kids who love to learn new thing.

Ishita Laad

My kids loved and enjoyed all the sessions. Thanks to the teachers for making the sessions joyful and knowlegable.

Uma Vyavaharkar-Acharya

DSV.... Yoga, stories, shlok, festivals, nutrition and most importantly the understanding Hinduism.....our way of life.Amazing learning map for my daughter.

Nilesh Vijay Sabnis

There was amazing experience. My child participated in competition. All arrangement was excellent. Would like to associate with this group.

Dipti Lokhande-Kale

DSV is really good for children. My daughter has attended only 2 sessions till now over zoom. But both sessions were nice. She has participated actively and willing to attend next sessions too. Dipti Lokhande-Kale She is not much interested in drawing but could draw Shree Ganpati in 1st session just becoz of DSV teacher's guidance and support.

Namita Shenvi Dhumane

DSV is now a part of our life. Teacher s celebrate all festivals and teach kids importance of the same. Also routinely kids learn Marathi songs , shlokas and play games. Teachers are very caring and loving and encourage children to develop their personality.Highly recommended program.

Pallavi Arjun Mestry

Summer camp खुप छान होता. मुलांनी खुप मज्जा केली.मुलांबरोबर पालकांना पण शिकायला मिळाले. Thank you Seema teacher and swati teacher.

Chetan Dugade

Very nice activities for kids and their developments

Gayatri Chaudhary

very nice initiative..children r really enjoying..gr8 job Dadar Sanskar Team .

Bhagyashree Yogendra Pathak

Very Nice Activities. Children's are leaning new things about our culture....

Anita Deshmukh

संस्कार वर्ग मधल्या सगळ्या activities स्तुत्य आहेत. मुलं न कंटाळता सर्व करतात. बरीच जुनी मराठी गाणी, श्लोक ,मंत्र आम्हाला पण ऐकायला मिळतात . आम्हाला ईच्छा असून मुलांना शिकवणे जमत नाही , परंतु आता संस्कार वर्गामुळे शक्य झाले आहे.

Vinanti Vinit Acharekar

दिनांक ०७/०३/२०२१ रोजी झालेल्या online अन्नसंस्कार वर्गामुळे, मुलांनी कोणते पदार्थ खाल्ले तर फायदा होईल याची खूप छान माहिती मिळाली.एक आई म्हणून माझ्या मुलीने काय खायला हवे, याचा नेहमीच प्रशन असतो. त्यासाठी अन्न संस्कार वर्गाची खूप मदत होईल. धन्यवाद

Aparna Sawant

Very good initiative. excellent.